New Heroes - Ryo Sanada, Kayura, and Toma Hashiba

SSR Hero - Ryo Sanada: The descendant of a famous leader of the Sengoku period, Yukimura Sanada, he is a passionate, brave, and determined young man with red armor that symbolizes "righteousness". He has a huge tiger companion named "White Blaze".
— [Factions]: Protagonists, Yeless Legends, Heroes of Time
— [Final Class]: God of Wildfire/Righteousness of Wildfire
SSR Hero - Kayura: A mysterious and beautiful girl from an ancient clan. When she was young, Arago's soldiers captured her, brainwashed her, and trained her to become their most powerful dark champion in the fight against the forces of justice.
— [Factions]: Dark Reincarnation, Mythical Realm, Heroes of Time
— [Final Class]: Star Duelist/Scion of the Ancients
SR Hero - Toma Hashiba: A descendant of pre-Shogunate Japan's Toyotomi Hideyoshi, he is a level-headed, alert, and intelligent young man with blue armor that symbolizes "wisdom". His weapon is a large bow, the "Skybreaker Bow", therefore his prowess lies in ranged combat.
— [Factions]: Strategic Masters, Heroes of Time
— [Final Class]: God of the Heavens/Wisdom of the Heavens

Secret Realm Event - Palace of Illusions

As the Doom Emperor arrives, a strange city appears, and a fierce battle from another world begins, again plunging El Sallia into crisis! But the hope of victory remains, and strong wills never surrender! The legend of the Armor is about to resound across the mainland and regain its glory!
During the event period, defeat enemies in Palace of Illusions Secret Realm stages to earn event points and exchange them for SR hero Toma Hashiba shards, the limited-edition Dueling Sakura avatar frame, and other fantastic rewards!
*Note: SR hero Toma Hashiba's shards can only be obtained from this event, and cannot be obtained from summoning banners.
Event Time: July 29th - August 18th (GMT -5)

Secret Realm Event - Magic Tower Conquest

"Ding, ding, ding! It's time for some fun! Welcome to Oliver and Melania's gaming arena! You're about to experience an unparalleled battle of strategy and intellect—so what are you waiting for? Come join us in our exciting new game! I'm ready already! Let's do this—Magic Tower Conquest!
During the event period, fight against other Commanders in the Magic Tower Conquest Secret Realm mode to win event rewards.
Event Time: July 29th - August 11th (GMT -5)