New Heroes - Azusa and Oboro

SSR Hero - Azusa: Azusa is kind but persevering. She is the most talented person on Spirit Peak and the youngest leader of the Spirit Sect in its entire history. 
Wise, steadfast and tolerant, the modest-seeming Azusa deals harshly with all enemies who try to harm the people of Tsuruno. 
[Factions]: Origins of Light, Strategic Masters, Mythical Realm
[Final Class]: Ancestral Chief/Venerable Exorcizer
SSR Hero - Oboro: Oboro is the incarnation of the Dragon of Spirits, a secret weapon against invaders as well as the spirit totem and symbol of the continent. He's quirky, enthusiastic and cheerful in a way that doesn't quite match his appearance. Oboro lost his memory upon turning into human form and set out on a free and unrestrained journey across Tsuruno...
[Factions]: Origins of Light, Yeless Legends, Mythical Realm
[Final Class]: Battle God/Spirit Dragon Envoy

New Main Story Chapters

In order to completely control the power of Mana, Florentia drove the Elysium ship to the sky above Starship City and fought fiercely wtih Virash and the Swordsmith Legion. At that time, a mysterious figure coming from Tsuruno appeared...
After the update, Chapters 11 to 15 of main story part three will open!
Complete Main Story stages to obtain SSR equipments and loads more awesome rewards!

Limited-time Event: Echo of Light

Darkness threatens El Sallia. Faith in the Goddess of Light is the world's last hope. Commander, pick up your sword, embrace this new power, and let the legends of mighty heroes resonate across the land once again! 
During the event, recharge a certain amount to gain a corresponding number of rewards. SSR Heroes Azusa's [Afternoon Chilling] and Oboro's [Trickster Kid] limited-edition skins are now available!
*Note: Among the rewards for this event, the Pick 2 from 6 Skin Gift Pack also includes Yusuke Urameshi's [Demon Yusuke] and Kurama's [Yoko Kurama] skins. "Yu Yu Hakusho" crossover summoning will be open soon, and SSR Yusuke Urameshi and SSR Kurama can be obtained from the summoning event.