Trails in the Sky Crossover

Epic JRPG Crossover - Trails in the Sky

Witness the revival of a JRPG legend, as Langrisser officially joins forces with Falcom. The legendary characters of Trails in the Sky are coming to El Sallia in an all-new crossover event starting June 13!


Trails in the Sky is the sixth installment in Falcom's Legend of Heroes series. With its captivating plot, vast and immersive game world, and excellent character progression, Trails in the Sky has fascinated players around the world since its inception. As one of Falcom's two most famous series, numerous versions of Trails in the Sky have been released around the world, such as Trails in the Sky for PC, console, and Trails in the Sky Evolution, and the popularity of the series has yet to dwindle to this day.


With a unique and invigorating style, Trails in the Sky weaves a fantasy adventure replete with both novelty and challenge.


Langrisser Meets Trails in the Sky

There isn’t an RPG fan alive who doesn’t love a good crossover between two legendary series, and this crossover between Langrisser and Trails in the Sky is without doubt a prime example of two RPG titans cooperating to create an unforgettable experience for loyal fans of these magnificent JRPG classics. As these distinct and familiar worlds collide, brace yourself for an all-new adventure!


After 27 years, the classic Langrisser saga is still going strong and has now made its way to mobile. With the classic Infantry, Cavalry, and Lancer class priority system at its core, the influence of terrain on combat and tactics, a heavy emphasis on strategic thinking, and a grand fantasy storyline spanning millennia, Langrisser’s mobile incarnation has evoked fond memories for Commanders around the world. For Langrisser’s very first crossover event, El Sallia welcomes Falcom’s popular and critically-acclaimed classic JRPG, Trails in the Sky.


This crossover event will be divided into two phases. The upcoming first phase sees Estelle, Joshua, and Kloe transported to Langrisser’s fantasy world! As a new time rift appears, the Bracers are set to embark on a new adventure on the continent of El Sallia!

The Heroes of Trails in the Sky

Limited Edition Trails in the Sky Heroes Make Their Debut in El Sallia!


As a new time rift appears, the Bracers are set to embark on a new adventure on the continent of El Sallia! That’s right -- Estelle and Joshua have been transported to Langrisser’s fantasy world!





A Bracer of the Bracer Guild and the daughter of S-level Bracer Cassius. She's good at using a long staff even taller than herself. Naughty and hyperactive, sunny and sincere, she touched the closed heart of her younger brother Joshua, and they became the greatest of allies.


Talent: [Bright Maiden]

Takes physical damage for friendly units. Grants the following effects after your active attacks deal damage: Increases ATK and DEF by 5%, increases guard range by 2 blocks. Lasts for 2 rounds. After taking action, increases the damage of 1 ally within 1 block by 10% for 2 rounds.


Faction: Protagonists/Legion of Glory/Heroes of Time


Final Class: Divine Blossom, Waveform Master





A Bracer from the Bracer Guild. The adopted son of S-level Bracer Cassius. Along his adventure with Estelle, love blossoms between them, but his other identity is that of the "The Black Fang" of the Executors. Finding himself betrayed, he is eventually saved by Estelle, and the two of them begin a new life together.


Talent: [Dark Initiate]

Crit chance increased by 10%. After dealing a critical hit, deals fixed damage to the enemy. (Damage is equal to x1 Hero ATK.)


Faction:  Princess Alliance/Meteor Strike/Heroes of Time


Final Class: Black Fang, Shadow

Secret Realm - Twisted Fate

Enter all-new Twisted Fate stages and stake your challenge!


The Secret Realm’s new Twisted Fate challenge has arrived, with extreme challenges set to push your tactical prowess to the limit! This special challenge won’t consume any items or Stamina, nor are there any daily limits. As soon as it opens, all Commanders are free to challenge it at will!



Secret Realm - Challenge Event - Twisted Fate



Complete challenges to obtain challenge points. Once you have enough challenge points, you can exchange them for rewards in the new Secret Realm Store!