New Heroes

Lanford - SSR


[Hero Introduction]

Lanford is a meticulous perfectionist who looks out for his subordinates with unparalleled leadership skills. Summon him and he will provide your team with strong support, leading your army to victory in battle.




All allies within 2 blocks have their stats increased by (5%, 8%, 11%, 15%). (This effect doesn't stack with Command.)


[Initial Skills]

Javelin: [Physical Damage] Attacks an enemy, dealing 0.8x damage. For every block moved before attacking, damage dealt is increased by 20% (up to 60%). After taking action, gain another chance to move 2 blocks. When this hero is equipped with melee soldiers, soldiers will also attack.


Blast: [Passive] When attacking, if your unit still has more than 80% HP, the damage you take before the battle will be reduced by 30%.


[Upgrade Classes]

Highlander, Royal Knight -- Swordsman, Sword Saint -- Dragon Knight



Amazon Champion/Heavensguard/Berserker


Listell - SSR


[Hero Introduction]

Listell was born a demon, but she gradually found her own reason for being while traveling with her companions, and finally learned the importance of coexisting with humans.



Blood Queen

Listell's INT is equal to 1.5x MDEF. Unit ignores its class disadvantage.

After dealing damage, inflicts "Curse of Wounding" on the target for 1 turn: Whenever the target is healed, this curse cancels out the healing effect and deals damage equal to 20%, 30%, 40%, 50% of the amount nullified.


[Initial Skill]

Demon God's Bulwark: [Passive] Takes magic damage for adjacent allies. After taking action, if this unit has dealt damage this turn, this skill restores 30% of the unit's Max HP.


Siphon: [MDamage] Attacks an enemy, dealing 1.5x damage. After battle, heals this unit for 30% of the damage dealt.


[Upgrade Classes]

Blood Master, Blood Empress -- Demon General, Demon God -- Reaper



Gargoyle/Undead Knight/Lava Titan

Heart Bond

New Heart Bonds are waiting to be unlocked!

“Heart Bonds” can greatly improve a hero’s stats and grant each hero a unique special bonus effect!


Heart Bond upgrade materials only drop in the new Secret Realm dungeon, The Eternal Temple.


The first heroes to receive Heart Bonds are:

SSR-Ledin, SSR-Bozel, SSR-Bernhardt, SSR-Luna, SR-Vargas, SR-Grenier, and SR-Freya.

Secret Realm Dungeon

In the depths of your heart, the Eternal Temple awaits your challenge... Conquer the powerful phantoms within to obtain Bond Keepsakes! Challenge the temple and deepen your bonds with your heroes!


Phantoms are formidable foes. Defeating them requires both a strong lineup and brilliant strategy!


Use heroes of the recommended factions and they'll gain a huge boost in combat effectiveness! Different phantoms are opposed by different recommended factions. The Eternal Temple can only be challenged once per day.

Dungeon Times and Drops:

Monday & Thursday: Valkyrie - Recommended Faction: Origins of Light, Empire's Honor

Tuesday & Friday: Leviar - Recommended Faction: Dark Reincarnation, Princess Alliance

Wednesday & Saturday: Scylla - Recommended Faction: Protagonists, Legion of Glory

Sunday: Phoenix - Recommended Faction: Strategic Masters, Meteor Strike.