Trails in the Sky Second Chapter

Time flies when you’re having fun, and that’s certainly the case as we fly back to the golden era of RPGs! True classics never die!

The epic Trails in the Sky crossover continues with a new chapter! Explore the new “Trails in Time SC” update and experience an exciting new adventure!

Langrisser has teamed up with Falcom to launch a crossover event of epic proportions! The Langrisser x Trails in the Sky Crossover continues with a new chapter! Bladelord Leonhardt, Angel of Death Renne, and Olivier Lenheim will be joining the other Heroes of Time in El Sallia for an unforgettable crossover adventure!

Time flies when you’re having fun, and that’s certainly the case as we fly back to the golden era of RPGs! True classics never die!

During the event period, you’ll have a higher chance of summoning Leonhardt and Renne from the limited-time Rise of the Enforcers summoning banner!

New Heroes

Bladelord -- Leonhardt

-- [Faction]: Origins of Light / Empire's Honor / Heroes of Time

-- [Talent: Asura Sword]: When there are no allies within 3 blocks, increases all your stats by 10%, apart from HP. If more than 2 enemies are injured in 1 round, you restore 20% HP and can act again. (This effect can only be triggered once every 4 turns.)

-- [Final Class]: Bladelord / Asura


Angel of Death -- Renne

-- [Faction]: Dark Reincarnation / Yeless Legends / Heroes of Time

-- [Talent: Angel of Death]: When entering battle against an enemy with a debuff, INT, DEF, and MDEF increase by 5%. After dealing damage to an enemy, afflicts them with 1 random debuff.

-- [Final Class]: Wizard / Angel of Death



-- [Faction]: Empire's Honor / Heroes of Time / Strategic Masters

-- [Talent: Amber Love]: When Unit HP is at 100%, ATK increases by 10%. After taking action, decreases damage taken by an ally within a 1-block range by 10% for 2 rounds.

-- [Final Class]: Imperial Prince / Bard 

Main Story -- A New Chapter Dawns!

Zerida sacrifices herself, and the dawn of peace nears...

The saga of the Swordsmith Legion continues, as your party arrives at the cathedral at Vikas Lake, where Bozel holds a final ceremony to resurrect Alhazard using Zerida and the power of the five bloodmarks. The Swordsmiths have failed to stop Bozel’s fiendish plan, and Zerida becomes the incarnation of the demon blade... but is all really lost?

After their failure, the Swordsmith Legion consult Jessica about their next move, and finally decide to go to the land of the demons, Velzeria, to face Alhazard and stop Bozel's plan to summon Chaos.

Shapeshifter Feraquea, Deathcaller Grove, Hellspawn Rag, and hordes of demon tribe minions fail to hinder the Swordsmith Legion’s advance. And now Velzeria lies ahead, a ray of light shining in the darkness before dawn...