New Heroes

Landius - SSR


[Hero Introduction]


A silent and kind orphan who was taken in by the chief of Gotahl Village and grew up alongside his children, Ricky and Rachel. He later embarked on a journey of rebellion when the village was destroyed by Gizarof and Rachel was abducted. With his outstanding combat skills and leadership, he led his forces to victory. In the battle, he wielded the holy sword, Langrisser, and destroyed Gizarof's ambitions and Bozel’s evil plans to revive Chaos.




United Will: After taking action, if there is an ally within 1/2/2/3 blocks, ATK increases by 10%/13%/16%/20% and 5%/8%/11%/15% of ATK is added to DEF & MDEF. Lasts 1 turn. When hit by a ranged attack, reduces damage taken by 10%/13%/16%/20% and launches a counterattack within 2 blocks.


[Initial Skill]


Rout: [Physical Damage] Attacks a single enemy, dealing 1x damage. Pushes the target back 2 blocks and silences the enemy for 1 turn.

Move Again: [Passive] When attacking, damage increases by 10%. If remaining Mobility is not zero, Landius can move again after attacking.


[Upgrade Classes]


Royal Knight, Grand Marshal, Swordsman


Rachel - SSR


[Hero Introduction]


Daughter of the Chief of Gotahl Village, and adorable and outgoing adopted sister of Landius, Rachel can hold her own on the battlefield due to her powerful magical abilities, but the dark forces have also set their eyes upon her because of this.




Increases damage dealt by 10%/15%/20%/30%. After actively dealing damage, dispels 1/1/1/2 debuff from an ally within 2/2/3/3 blocks and heals for 1.5x/2x/2.5x/3x of Rachel's INT.


[Initial Skill]


Lightning Strike: [Magic Damage] Attacks a single enemy, dealing 1.5x damage. Deals additional damage to Cavalry.


Holy Word: [Magic Damage] Attacks a single enemy, dealing 1.5x damage. Deals additional damage to Demons. After battle, heals friendly unit with the lowest HP (4x Rachel INT).


[Upgrade Classes]


Oracle, Demonic Core, Saint

Love Confessions

Every battle with you is their favorite adventure yet, and you will always have a special place in their hearts! As your heroes confess their feelings, feel the sincerity of their love!

After the update, Heart Bonds can be upgraded to their limit, unlocking love confessions! The first heroes to gain access to this function are Cherie, Luna, and Lana!

New Time Rift Stages

In the Time Rift, the legend of Langrisser III continues…


The battle to save the Maiden of Light, Sophia, has begun. The salvation of the Lushiris Gate depends on her… Failure is not an option!


The Shika have sacrificed Sophia to their god! As she descends into the volcano, can Dieharte’s party rescue her in time?


While retaking the capital, Dieharte and his party encounter the Imperial Army and their terrifying magic weapons. Feraquea uses her magic to block their way… How will Dieharte find a way to break through the enemy blockade?


Packed with romance, bravery, wisdom, and might, the Time Rift presents Langrisser III - Chapter II!


Thanks to Archbishop Fauvel, the Eastern Lushiris Gate is safe for the time being. While the Barral army explores the Lushiris Gate, they encounter the legendary sacred beast, Jugler!


As he searches for the demon blade under the guidance of the Goddess, Dieharte arrives at the ruins of Estool. However, someone is already there, lying in ambush.


Retaking Laffel… This was Dieharte's promise to Gerold. Now, a fierce battle is imminent. With powerful magic and steel titans joining the fray, does the Rebel Army have what it takes to save El Sallia from damnation?