New Heroes - Towa and Patsyr

SSR Hero - Towa: The taciturn and expressionless Towa is viewed by most who meet her as a mystery. No one knows where she came from or where she is going. She is like a cool breeze rushing by—ready to embark on a new journey in the blink of an eye. Except for her mechanical companion, Shinta, no one can keep up with her.

— [Factions]: Origins of Light, Strategic Masters, Langrisser Reincarnation.

— [Final Class]: Legendary Ronin/Pegasus Star Rider


SSR Hero - Patsyr: A headstrong and fickle Demon girl who possesses the power to travel between dream realms at will, as well as the natural ability to manipulate demonic shadows. She is Licorice's loyal and trustworthy companion. Sporting a lithe and graceful appearance, but possessing the soul of a Demon, she has a deep curiosity for everything human.

— [Factions]: Dark Reincarnation, Langrisser Reincarnation.

— [Final Class]: Dreamweaver/Blood Mistress

New Time Rift Stages - Langrisser V Story

The legend of a new generation begins, as the battle for Langrisser continues.

Sigma and Lambda head to Gizarof's Magical Research Institute in search of answers to their many questions, and thus, a new journey begins...

After the update, the Time Rift's Langrisser V Story chapter will be ready for you to explore. Complete this chapter's stages to obtain amazing rewards!

Black Dragon Magister Hein

From a clumsy magical novice to the most powerful mage on the continent, his potential knows no bounds. This time, what new heights of power will our unlikely hero reach?

After the update, Hein will become the Black Dragon Magister, with a new character portrait, talent, and class path.

Hein's exclusive evolution item, [Hein's Heart of Desire], can be obtained through the Dimensional Expedition event.