New Heroes - Lucretia and Autokrato IV

SSR Hero - Lucretia: Heir of the Pope of the Imperial Church, she is a talented magician, and was the most trusted figure in the empire, but through manipulation, she was also the real ruler of the Gresden Empire. Her ruthless political machinations earned her the nickname "Imperial Sorceress".
— [Factions]: Empire's Honor, Princess Alliance, Langrisser Reincarnation.
— [Final Class]: Grand Bishop/Hermit
SSR Hero - Autokrato IV: Emperor of the Gresden Empire, holder of Alhazard. With the help of the Alhazard and the "Pope's Agent" Lucretia, Autokrato IV toppled the bloated imperial court and became a tyrant, ruling over countless subjects. Many mysteries lie beneath his white eagle mask...
— [Factions]: Empire's Honor, Langrisser Reincarnation.
— [Final Class]: Royal General/Emperor

New Main Story Chapters - End of a Distant Dream

As the ultimate battle draws near, Matthew and his party storm Gizarof's fortress, ready to deal the final blow...
After the update, Chapters 36 to 40 of main story part two will finally open!
Complete Main Story stages to obtain Melania Shards and loads more awesome rewards!

Evolved Hero Form Unlocked - Cherie

Companionship is the deepest intimacy there is. The cute Princess of Kalxath, Cherie, who accompanies every Commander in Langrisser from the very start of their adventure, will soon be undergoing an adorable transformation.
Cherie now reclaims her title as Princess of Kalxath, with a new character portrait, talent, and class path.
Cherie's exclusive evolution item, [Cherie's Heart of Desire], can be obtained through the Hopes and Dreams event.