Langrisser X Sakura Wars Legendary Crossover

Sakura Wars is a famous Sega franchise spanning many years and platforms. Its unique combination of strategy and dating simulator gameplay is still enjoyed by gamers around the world today. As two of Japan’s legendary tactical RPGs join forces, the Langrisser X Sakura Wars crossover is set to unlock more strategic possibilities than ever before! The unwavering resolve of a band of fearless maidens rings across the land, accompanied by the lingering echo of mechanical armor. Witness as they cross the time rift and descend upon a land of fantasy -- El Sallia.

The theme song that ignites their passion “Geki! Teikoku Kagekidan!” will also arrive in El Sallia with the new update, accompanying you on your adventure!


During the Sakura Wars crossover event, Sakura Shinguji, Sumire Kanzaki, and Iris Chateaubriand of the Teikoku Kagekidan’s Flower Division will join Langrisser as new heroes! With skill designs directly from the original games, classic moves such as Ouka Houshin, Phoenix Dance, Hyakka Ryoran, and other fan favorites will be making an impact on the battlefields of El Sallia! These three heroes each command mecha known as Koubu, which will also join the battle and can be unlocked by exploring the Flower Division’s class paths!

Katana shake and Koubu rumble as the entrancing dancing battle maidens of the Flower Division blossom into battle!

New Heroes - Sakura Shinguji, Sumire Kanzaki, Iris Chateaubriand, and Angelica!

SSR Hero - Sakura Shinguji:

[Teikoku Kagekidan - Flower Division] member and inheritor of Hokushin Itto Ryu, she has the power to cleanse evil. A brave and passionate young woman, whose mission is to destroy all evil and fight for justice.


[Faction]: Protagonists, Empire's Honor, Heroes of Time

[Final Class]: Evilslayer/Sakura Koubu


SSR Hero - Sumire Kanzaki:

[Teikoku Kagekidan - Flower Division] member and heiress to Kanzaki Heavy Industries, she is the top star of the Flower Division. Although her personality often clashes with those of her division mates, she cares about them deeply, and always dedicates herself to protecting them with the full extent of her ability.


[Faction]: Protagonists, Empire's Honor, Heroes of Time

[Final Class]: Kanzaki Fujin-ryu/Sumire Koubu


SR Hero - Iris:

[Teikoku Kagekidan - Flower Division] member and the only daughter of a rich and noble French family. She is the youngest member of the team, but has the strongest spiritual power. However, she is unable to fully control her unstable potential. After exhibiting her unique skills and powerful spiritual abilities in battle, she gained the recognition of her companions.


[Faction]: Protagonists, Empire's Honor, Heroes of Time

[Final Class]: Esper/Iris Koubu


SR Hero - Angelica:

The Swordsmith Legion’s first companion, and an apprentice of the great magician Jessica. A student of Magical Engineering, she often comes up with incredible inventions.


[Faction]: Legion of Glory, Heroes of Time

[Final Class]: Creator

New Main Story

With the new crossover comes a new legend! The journey of the Swordsmith Legion continues, taking unprecedented twists and turns in a new chapter! The Demon Tribe’s plot plunges the continent of El Sallia into war, and only the power of Langrisser can save the millions of lives at stake. A gentle shadow drifts into the aether, and Langrisser is restored to its full power! Join our heroes as they endure countless trials and tribulations, and enjoy the amazing rewards each new stage brings -- Angelica Memory Shards can now be earned as main story rewards! A clever and quirky engineer is ready to join the battle!