New Heroes Selvaria, Alicia, and Isara

SSR Hero-Selvaria: She is the most loyal and capable assistant of the commander-in-chief of the Eastern European Imperial Alliance, Maximilian. With Valkyrur blood, she awakened her Valkyrur power and became the most lethal weapon of the invasion force. 
[Faction]: Empire's Honor, Strategic Masters, Heroes of Time
[Final Class]: Triumviri/Supreme Azure Witch
SSR Hero-Alicia: She is the sergeant of Squad 7 in the Militia of the Principality of Gallia. Her bold, optimistic character has always made her a morale booster for the soldiers. After inadvertently awakening her Valkyrur Power on the battlefield, she defeated Selvaria, Leader of the East Europan Imperial Alliance, and saved the Principality of Gallia. 
[Faction]: Protagonists, Heroes of Time, Mythical Realm
[Final Class]: Scout Elite/Trooper Elite
SR Hero-Isara: The adopted daughter of the general of the Protectorate of the Principality of Gallia, she is proficient in the invention and maintenance of various types of machinery. As a member of Squad 7 in the Gallian Militia, she pilots the tank Edelweiss and often supports the squad with her inventions.
[Faction]: Strategic Masters, Heroes of Time
[Final Class]: Engineer Elite/Elite Tank Soldier

Alternate Chapter: Yeless Special Battle

The devotion to the Azure Flame is here, intertwined once again with the destiny of the Valkyria... I swear upon the person I love that the flowers of peace will bloom on the battlefield of Yeless once again!
During the event, defeat enemies in "Alternate Chapter - Yeless Special Battle" Secret Realm stages to win event points, Memory Shards of SR Hero Isara, limited-edition avatar frame [Flower of Fate], and other rewards!
Note: SR Hero Isara's Memory Shards can only be obtained through this event, not through a Summoning Banner.

Grenier's Evolved Form

The hot-headed young man will finally embark on a journey of self-discovery. With the help of his unexpected companions, Grenier had broken through his physical and mental boundaries, managed to escape from the danger!
Grenier's new Evolved Form will be available to unlock! After completing his exclusive Evolution Missions, he will get a brand-new avatar, talent, and class path in that form!
The evolution item [Grenier's Heart of Desire] can be obtained through the limited-time event "Roar! Grenier."