New Heroes - Noemi & Rozalia

SSR Hero - Noemi: The most multi-talented sorceress under Master Jessica's instruction, she possesses an infinite curiosity about the world around her. After being rescued by Rozalia, she joins the Army of Light once the war begins. She later joined Rozalia's "Rangers" with Ares and the others to take on the forces of darkness.


— [Factions]: Legion of Glory, Langrisser Reincarnation

— [Final Class]: Wizard/Spellweaver/Summoner


SSR Hero - Rozalia: Commander of the Army of Light's Knight Corps, she considers her sworn duty to be the protection of the Goddess of Light above all else. Though known as the Silver Valkyrie, she has a romantic side she shows only to her friend Noemi.


— [Factions]: Legion of Glory, Langrisser Reincarnation, Princess Alliance

— [Final Class]: Royal Knight/Silver Knight Commander/Swordsman

Secret Realm: Challenger's Arena

A battlefield of true tactics and wisdom opens its doors... In this arena, fairness is the creed of competition! An all-new arena is here to level the playing field—welcome to the limited-time Secret Realm Event - The Challenger's Arena!

During the event period, you'll be able to enter the Challenger's Arena via the Secret Realm. After entering the Challenger's Arena, you'll only need to select the heroes you want to use from the fixed hero pool, organize your lineup, then you can enter the arena and start fighting!

During the event, each time you win, you'll earn Bursting Heart Keys, Dust of Fate, and many other rewards. When reaching the designated number of victories for the first time each competition, you'll also get a range of amazing additional rewards, such as Rare Enchant Gift Packs and more!

Please refer to the event info to view more detailed rules. Do you have the courage to face any foe and the intellect to overcome them? Find out in the Arena!

Event Time: After the September 24th Maintenance – September 30th 23:59 (CDT) Every Day 14:00-16:00, 22:00-23:00

New Main Story Chapters

Though impeded by General Helena, the Swordsmith Legion saves the second Ancient Weather Center, while total warfare breaks out in Caconsis and Regenburg. Matthew and his party head deep behind enemy lines to rescue Princess Melania, and now face the Imperial Queen's forces... The ultimate battle has begun!

After the update, the pages of Chapters 16 to 20 of main story part two will finally open!

Complete Main Story stages to obtain Oliver Shards and loads more awesome rewards!