New Heroes - Light of Genesis & Mariel

SSR Hero - Light of Genesis: For thousands of years, the great mage who has existed for eras due to her secret method of reincarnation has always been an important figure, fighting for the protection of the world. Now, only 10 years after her last reincarnation, she fights on in her young incarnation to complete her unwavering mission.

— [Factions]: Legion of Glory, Origins of Light, Langrisser Reincarnation

— [Final Class]: Light of Judgment/Martyr


SSR Hero - Mariel: The eldest daughter of a famous family, and the most loyal Priestess of Lushiris. She takes the responsibility of guarding the Legion of Glory as her most solemn duty, and is an indispensable ally of the Light of Genesis. Though she is the image of love and peace, she has superb fighting skills, and can unleash her amazing power in battle.

— [Factions]: Legion of Glory, Langrisser Reincarnation

— [Final Class]: Arbiter/Anchoress

Secret Realm Event - Gacha Love Delivery

The sweetest festival of the year will soon be here, and the Love Delivery Den's new Gacha Girl craze is sweeping El Sallia... What lies in wait for our love-struck heroes?

During the event period, defeat enemies in [Gacha Love Delivery] Secret Realm stages to earn Event Points and win fantastic event rewards! For detailed rules, see the [Description] in the event interface.

The ultimate reward for this event is the limited-edition Sweet Delight avatar frame!

Event Time: February 11th 00:00 - March 3rd 23:59 (GMT -6)

New Time Rift Stages - Langrisser V Prelude

The legend of a new generation begins, as Langrisser's story starts once again.

Sigma and Lambda awaken from their slumber and meet Rainforce as he invades the Magical Research Institute. After their first confrontation, they escape from the institute and plan to find Gizarof. They meet Virash and Brenda's mercenary regiment in a valley, and thus their adventure begins...

After the update, the Time Rift's Langrisser V Prelude chapter will be ready for you to explore. Complete this chapter's stages to obtain amazing rewards!