New Heroes - Omega & Yulia

SSR Hero - Omega: Langrisser V’s perfect soldier, magically enhanced to wield the holy sword. His reason for being is to fight Sigma to the death. In the final battle, he unites with Sigma to activate Langrisser and claims victory over the forces of darkness.

-- [Faction]: Meteor Strike, Dark Reincarnation

-- [Final Class]: High Master/Ranger


SSR Hero - Yulia: The Priestess of the Hyborean Empire. She is deceived by Bozel and wreaks havoc on the continent. She later sacrifices her soul to atone for her sins, taking Almeda’s place and recasting the holy sword.


-- [Faction]: Princess Alliance, Legion of Glory, Mythical Realm

-- [Final Class]: Langrisser Princess/Blade of the Goddess

New Secret Realm Dungeon - Ancient Beckoning

Beware, Commander — the ancient beasts lying dormant in the abyss have awakened! A deadly new challenge awaits!

The all-new Secret Realm dungeon - [Ancient Beckoning] will soon be upon us! Challenge the Ancient Beckoning bosses to obtain Mastery Stones and upgrade your heroes’ equipment mastery!


Level Requirement: Lv.60


Event Location: Secret Realm Challenge Event - Ancient Beckoning

New Hero Upgrade System - Equipment Mastery

There’s now a new way to upgrade your heroes — Equipment Mastery is here!

After the update, Equipment Mastery will unlock for heroes who have completely mastered their current class path. You can use Mastery Stones to upgrade your heroes’ current class path’s Equipment Mastery and greatly strengthen your heroes’ stats!

Unlocking Requirements: Hero must fully complete their current class path.