New Heroes - Ares & Maiya

SSR HERO ARES: Blessed with a kind and righteous heart, he lived a sheltered life with his mother, knowing nothing of the outside world. After Maiya appeared in his life, he started training to become a local lord, and thus his heroic journey began.

FACTIONS: Protagonists, Empire's Honor, Langrisser Reincarnation.

FINAL CLASS: Dragon Master/Emperor


SSR HERO - MAIYA: Maiya received the finest education under the royal family, learning the most intimate details of each family member, and eventually became the Emperor’s most trusted confidante. After the Emperor was assassinated, she went to find Ares and served as his maid.

FACTIONS: Empire's Honor, Langrisser Reincarnation.

FINAL CLASS: Royal Maid/Martyr

New Secret Realm Event - Magic Tower Conquest

Clang, clang, clang—! Time for some fun! Welcome to Oliver and Melania's battlefield! What are you waiting for? Come and play our fun adventure game! I'm all ready, so let’s do this—Magic Tower Conquest!

Magic Tower Conquest is a new casual tower defense gameplay mode. Use your favorite heroes as chess pieces and Langrisser’s maps as chess boards! Choose your heroes’ positions, and then the battle will commence automatically!

During the event period, win battles to and complete missions to get mission rewards, achievement rewards, and ranking rewards! For detailed rules, see the [Description] in the event interface.

Event Time: June 4th 1:00 - June 24th 23:59 (CDT)

Special Event - Strange Traveler

A retired archenemy joins forces with a traveler from another dimension to make a glorious comeback. What kind of fun surprises lie in wait? “Ha-ha-ha-ha---!!! I, Bozel, will not admit defeat so easily! Maiya, Ares... Who are these guys, anyway!? ”

During the event period, a special “Strange Traveler" event will appear on the world map. Players who have completed Main Story Chapter 19 can take part in this event!

Event Time: June 4th 1:00 - June 17th 23:59 (CDT)