New Heroes: Alpha and The Transcender

SSR Hero—The Transcender: The embodiment of Gizarof's memories, the Transcender now becomes the new executor of the Transcendence Plan. Well aware of the causes and effects of the former executor's successes and failures, the Transcender has long been detached from Gizarof's stagnating hatred, and is bent on pursuing the most devastating power in the world to realize his goal of absolute transcendence.
— [Factions]: Dark Reincarnation, Mythical Realm, Yeless Legends.
— [Final Class]: World Destroyer/Soul Adventist
SSR Hero—Alpha: After the Final War, a spaceship shot down by Alhazard unleashed a crystal plague on the continent, lasting over a century. In order to realize his new plan of transcendence, Gizarof, who existed as a memory unit, used the power of the polluted crystal to create the first vessel—Alpha.
— [Factions]: Dark Reincarnation, Empire's Honor
— [Final Class]: Sword Master/Amethyst Commander

New Time Rift Stages: Langrisser V Volume IV

The legend of a new generation begins, as the battle for Langrisser continues.
Clarett and her companions manage to retake Kalxath City, but the chaos consuming El Sallia is not over yet, as the Demons begin maneuvering from the shadows once again...
After the update, the Time Rift's Langrisser V Volume IV will be ready for you to explore. Complete this chapter's stages to obtain amazing rewards!

Limited-Time Event: Echo of Light

Once more, darkness covers the continent of El Sallia, and only faith in the Goddess of Light can bring hope to the world. Commander, let the song of Langrisser sound once more! Let the angels of Langrisser spread their wings again! Let the world... tremble at the sound of heroes to come!
During the event period, recharge a certain total amount to obtain the corresponding rewards.
SSR hero Alpha's limited-edition Crystal Feather Dream skin and SSR hero The Transcender's Lord of the Skies skin are up for grabs!