Summon - Legendary Rebirth

Superhuman Saviors -- Sigma & Lambda descend on El Sallia!


Event Time: August 8 - August 14


Event Content: Through the whirling vortex of the Time Rift, Sigma and Lambda, the protagonists of Langrisser V, are ready to join the battle, ushering in a new chapter in El Sallia’s history - Legendary Rebirth!


[SSR Hero - Sigma] The protagonist of Langrisser V, Sigma is the result of human experimentation deep within Gizarof’s Magical Research Institute, who strives to discover his true identity and birthright throughout his adventure, and finally saves the world from destruction.


-- Talent: Solitary Will: When attacking, ATK increases by (5%, 8%, 11%, 15%).

If you haven't attacked this turn and are located on DEF-increasing terrain, you can act again and gain the "Snipe" status. Unit attack range increases by (1, 1, 2, 2) but unit cannot move. Lasts for 1 turn. This effect has a (4, 3, 3, 2) round cooldown.


-- Faction: Protagonists, Meteor Strike, Yeless Legends


[SSR Hero - Lambda] The protagonist of Langrisser V, and also the result of Gizarof’s human experimentation, she gains a wealth of knowledge and a unique ability to communicate with plants at the expense of losing all her memories.


-- Talent: [Sacred Tree's Sigh]

When a friendly unit is within 2 blocks, INT increases by (5%, 8%, 11%, 15%).

When casting an AoE skill, skill AoE +1. When casting a linear skill, skill range +1 and additional AoE skill damage increases by (5%, 8%, 11%, 15%).


-- Faction: Protagonists, Yeless Legends


After the update, you’ll have an increased chance of summoning Sigma and Lambda when summoning from the limited-time [Legendary Rebirth] summoning banner!

Duel Mode - Apex Arena

Ultimate strategic combat! Temper your tactical mastery in the inferno of battle!

The flames of war are set to be reignited like never before! After the update, you’ll be able to test your might in new Apex Arena battles! A new era of PvP is dawning, Commanders!


The Apex Arena battleground offers a completely new and revamped PvP combat experience. After its initial introduction, even more content will be added to the Apex Arena -- wait until you see what’s coming next!


Get ready for an epic battle, where the blades of light and darkness intertwine in mortal combat! Do you have the courage to face any foe and the intellect to overcome them? Find out in the Apex Arena!


Event Location: Arena - Apex Arena


Event Time: 12:00 - 23:00 every Saturday and Sunday.

Reawakening: Ever-Dark Contract

Secret Realm Time Limit Challenge! Defeat Bozel’s Dark Magic!


Through the twisting turbulence of the Time Rift, the Dark Prince Bozel has appeared once again, bearing the power of darkness. He hopes to sign a contract with you in exchange for your soul... Will you give in to the darkness will gain his dark blessing, or will you wield the glorious power of light and put an end to Bozel’s evil machinations?


The Secret Realm dungeon Ever-Dark Contract will return for a limited time only! Complete challenges to obtain points and exchange them for Bozel Shards /SSR Equipment / SSR Accessories, and lots of other amazing rewards! You can even team up with other Commanders to take on this formidable challenge!


Event Time: August 8 - August 21

Event Location: Secret Realm - Limited-Time Event

Event Rewards: SSR Bozel Memory Shards, SSR Equipment, Orichalcum Ore, and other valuable items!