New Heroes - Yusuke Urameshi, Kurama, Hiei, and the Toguro Brothers

SSR Hero - Yusuke Urameshi: A delinquent senior high school student from Sarayashiki Jr. High. He dies in an accident while saving a child from a speeding car, but with the help of King Enma, he is born again as a spirit detective to help solve all manner of matters in the human world.

— [Factions]: Heroes of Time, Protagonists, Mythical Realm

— [Final Class]: Demon King / Spirit Detective


SSR Hero - Kurama: Originally an ancient fox spirit, he was pursued by hunters until escaping to the mortal realm, where he was reincarnated as a human and experienced love for the first time. With the newfound power of human emotion, he sets off to fight against the most powerful threats of the demon world with Yusuke.

— [Factions]: Heroes of Time, Yeless Legends, Strategic Masters

— [Final Class]: Power of the Past / Thorns of the Magic Rose


SSR Hero - Toguro Brothers: Though they were originally human beings, they became monsters in pursuit of greater power. The elder brother has the ability to transform at will, serving as his brother’s greatest weapon and form of defense, while the younger brother can control his muscles, imbuing them with infinite strength. Although he lost to Yusuke in the Dark Tournament his power left a deep impression on all in attendance.

— [Factions]: Team Toguro, Demon World

— [Final Class]: Power 100% / Fighting Stance - Sword


SSR Heroes - Hiei: A notorious and ruthless demon bandit who was abandoned by his clan at birth. During his quest to find his sister, he meets with Yusuke and the others, and eventually joins them to take down countless formidable foes.

— [Factions]: Team Urameshi, Might of the Nether

— [Final Class]: Evil Eye Mage / Evil King Immolation

New Level Cap

1. Brave Commanders, break through your limits and embark on a new path fraught with danger and unprecedented challenges! Your journey of heroic growth begins here! After the update, the level cap will be raised to 70!

2. The Secret Realm will also be leveling up, and all-new dungeons are waiting for you to stake your challenge! After the update, a new Lv. 70 Eternal Temple stage will be unlocked!

New Hero Awakening Function

Explore the new hero upgrade system [Hero Awakening] once your heroes reach Lv. 70!

Different abilities can be acquired at the three different levels of awakening: Skill Cost Limit +1 —> An All-New 3-Cost Skill —> Exclusive Skill Animation. Hero Awakening materials can be obtained through the Time Rift's Langrisser IV Prequel chapter.