[New Heroes - Florentia & Tsubame]

SSR Hero - Florentia: Hailing from a reputable family and excelling as the Empire's most influential politician, Florentia is a peerless official and a rational strategist, unlike her warrior sister. After becoming Imperial Prime Minister, Florentia is occasionally forced to make ruthless decisions for the sake of protecting her country. She may not be the best fighter, but she exerts excellent command over her soldiers and is a master of strategy.

— [Factions]: Empire's Honor, Strategic Masters, Langrisser Reincarnation.

— [Final Class]: Tactician/Imperial Chancellor


SSR Hero - Tsubame: A young kunoichi born in the Eastern "Land of Ninjas", she possesses a keen mastery of mysterious ninjutsu and powerful assassination techniques. To repay Florentia for saving her life in the war, Tsubame vows to protect and follow her for all time, and is bestowed the title of "Right Hand to the Chancellor".

— [Factions]: Meteor Strike, Langrisser Reincarnation.

— [Final Class]: Shadow/Ranger

[New Secret Realm Event - Golden Sea of Endless Voyages]

The uncharted ocean is full of hidden dangers and routes, but with the unknown comes new opportunities and unseen treasures waiting to be discovered! The turbulent tide gives rise to a fantastic journey, as the new Secret Realm limited-time event - Golden Sea of Endless Voyages begins! A new roguelike mode is set to change the course of your journey, Commander!

During the event period, collect a variety of heroes, equipment, skills, and other elements after clearing stages, and freely form your favorite teams to challenge stages of gradually increasing difficulty levels! After completing stages, you can get Skin Vouchers, Rune Stones, and other wonderful rewards!

This Secret Realm Limited-Time Event will be unlocked after reaching Lv. 30. For detailed rules, see the [Description] in the event interface.

Event Time: November 26th 01:00 - December 16th 23:59 (CST)

[New Time Rift Stages - Langrisser IV Final Chapter]

As the tale of a distant land across the ocean reaches its final chapter, the legend of its heroes still echoes in our ears.

With Jessica's help, Landius and his party rescue the Princess and return to Caconsis. However, he learns that his sister Rachel has been imprisoned by Gizarof, and he decides to march toward the union's capital. Meanwhile, Lanford decides to sneak in and kill Gizarof himself...

After the update, the Time Rift's Langrisser IV Final Chapter will be ready for you to explore. Complete this chapter's stages to obtain amazing rewards!