New Heroes - Vincent and Evil God Kreuger

SSR Hero - Vincent: One of the four Generals of the Regenburg Empire, this brave fighter flies through the sky with huge steel wings and shining emerald armor. He is prepared to resort to any means necessary in order to win, and possesses a strong desire to watch the world burn.
— [Factions]: Meteor Strike, Empire's Honor, Dark Reincarnation
— [Final Class]: Emerald Commander/Wings of the Evil God
SSR Hero - Evil God Kreuger: One of the main antagonists responsible for the resurgence of bloodshed in Yeless. As a clone of Gizarof, Kreuger is a sinister and cruel young man, and after the Evil God Gendrasil possesses his body, the combination of these two dark souls forms an all-new nightmare.
— [Factions]: Mythical Realm, Dark Reincarnation
— [Final Class]: Evil God/Dark Heart Mage

Limited-time Secret Realm Event - Golden Sea of Endless Voyages

The uncharted ocean is full of hidden dangers and unknown routes! But with the unknown come new opportunities and unseen treasures waiting to be discovered! Form your crew and use courage and strategy to challenge ever-changing stages. Set sail for the farthest reaches of the [Golden Sea of Endless Voyages]!
The [Golden Sea of Endless Voyages] is back, with the new battle element "Squad Skills" and the new challenge mode "Mack's Big Gamble" joining your grand adventure! The time to explore is now! During the event period, participate in the Secret Realm stage [Golden Sea of Endless Voyages] to win event items.
For detailed rules, see the [Description] in the event interface.
Event Time: May 6th - May 26th (GMT -5)

Limited-Time Event - Echo of Light

Once more, darkness covers the continent of El Sallia, and only faith in the Goddess of Light can bring hope to the world. Commander, let the song of Langrisser sound once more! Let the angels of Langrisser spread their wings again! Let the world... tremble at the sound of heroes to come!
During the event period, if your accumulated recharge and gift pack purchase amount reaches the specified goals, you can get amazing rewards including SSR hero Vincent's all-new limited-edition Black Winged Angel skin and SSR hero Evil God Kreuger's all-new limited-edition Lost Innocence skin!
Event Time: May 6th - June 2nd (GMT -5)